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AuthorTopic: Homosexuality...
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Homosexuality is wrong. Nature sets this forth. You cannot insert tab A into tab A and get results like entering tab A into tab B. And so on. What do you all think?

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I suppose next you're going to argue oral is wrong, too, or contraceptives.

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I think that is a load of crap, and that you have not been paying attention to the other topics about homosexuality. You are seriously making a bad mistake, with your opinion and the start of this topic. Me and I'm sure a few of the other homosexuals here, will disagree with you on pretty much any argument you have against it. Please, someone, close this topic.

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This is a fairly obvious troll. Alec, you should know better.

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Whoever 5000 is doesn't deserve the account. Stop trolling.


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You may not get the same results, putting tab A into A, rather than B, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work just as well.

And did I mention: shurrup you silly, silly person.

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I like to rub the tabs all over my body and have unspeakable thoughts.

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Today's special ingredient is...Spoony Barduuu!

Perhaps it's time for someone to take this topic in a more interesting direction...hmm...

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Dammit, the image won't work. Well, it called Mark Jibbolik a retard, just so you know. ^^

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Is it really that important, what sexual preferences someone has???
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And btw: Homosexuality can't be unnatural. You will find it everywhere in nature. There are homosexual dogs, chimapanzees and newest I even heard of homosexual fish. Don't know how this works.

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