Bye, 'n' all that.

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AuthorTopic: Bye, 'n' all that.
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Shh. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm not actually spending too much time on the Internet and not doing homework. :P

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T_T SMoE! You are a disloyal, faithless animal. I don't believe, you wouldn't at least on weekends have time, to peep on the boards!
But go and be happy with your classes and your piano ...
<weeps and goes for a handkerchief>

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Oh, he's done this before. He'll be back.

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Just like herpes, he comes and goes, and he's a pain in the groin.

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My count doesn't look too bad either, and nearly all of my posts have been made while at school here at the proud UIUC. Once the initial spurt of blind enthusiasm and boundless work ethic loses steam (usually after a semester or so) you'll come back.

Of course, though, my GPA honestly sucks, so I'm sure Kel's a far better example to follow.


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Is this what you had in mind?


Goodbye SMoE, though you probably don't know me too well.
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is a bananaparty. It's an emoticon at Polaris.

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*stares, mesmerized for several seconds*

Matt, can we beat that, pleeeeeze? :P

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Er, maybe Motrax will find out that he actually does have a bunch of free time and decide to post here again. Maybe.

Motrax, do, and since I haven't said it yet, bye, if it's really necessary.


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Just becuase i'm a nice guy to all my friends I will say good-bye to you once more. Good luck at college and see you around.

~I too will soon leave...

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a late goodbye to you, and also a late GL HF.

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We have the pimp and ninja emoticons and Scrop uses :splurt: so often it would be an emoticon if basic human decency didn't forbid it. What more do you want?

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