Somehow I managed to sneak in 1000 posts

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AuthorTopic: Somehow I managed to sneak in 1000 posts
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... in five months without being told to stop spamming. Happy Veteran status to me!

This was once traditional, back in the more spamalicious days of Spiderweb a year or so back, as I gathered from the archive, so I feel no personal shame for creating as ridiculous a topic as this.

Just think! At this rate, I will have as many posts as Alorael does now in... in... almost FOUR YEARS. Some people get Canned for spam, and some people get modships.

Anyway, yay!

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What's spamming ?

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A thousand thoughts by Kel.
Happy day!

Blaspheme: Spamming are short, pointless posts. For example, if my post had only been something like:
"Yay" it might have been considered spamming. Perhaps some could argued the matter as it was relvant to the thread in question, but, still, it would have been short and rather pointless.

I think that long and rather pointless posts also count as spamming.


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Congrats Kel!

:D I made my first thousand in four months, roundabout. Joined in May, made thousand in September. Ít must be somewhere in the Baltazar RP.

Edit: 20 May -;f=2;t=000350

18 September -;f=1;t=001230;p=5

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Bah, who cares about the post number anyway. ¬_¬

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1000 posts in 4 months? And I was thinking I was posting so much: 100+ posts in a month. :)

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Obviously them and any other person who cares cares about it.

Anyway, congrats Kel.

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Last account I was FIFTY away from a thousand! Fifty! Hrm. It was all idiocy, however.


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i'd do the rifleman dance for your birthday, but i'm lazy.

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Though I've been here since the Ikonboards, I have not so many posts. At this rate, I will catch up with Alorael in about 600 years.

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Congratulations Kelandon!
I've gotten 34 posts in about a week so I should have a thousand in about three weeks. :eek:

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Originally written by Pandolfo the Pugilist of Ooze:

Blaspheme: Spamming are short, pointless posts. For example, if my post had only been something like:
"Yay" it might have been considered spamming. Perhaps some could argued the matter as it was relvant to the thread in question, but, still, it would have been short and rather pointless.

I think that long and rather pointless posts also count as spamming.

Hm. I've always though of "spam" as coming in here and saying "Hey guys look at my super cool website" and then never coming back. That's fricking annoying and I wind up banning people who do that and editing their website to point to or something. (Not on this site, on others that I moderate.)

But anyway, what you said makes sense too. I've always just refered to that as "crap".

Hey, congrats on the 1K postage.

Edit: Oh yeah and don't forget...


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Next stop, 2000 posts and Guru.
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Whoah, congrats Kel. I'm still a few hundred ahead, but I know you'll catch up. :)

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It's not long before I'm going to have to abandon yet another account.

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Me too.


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Nicely done, Kel. I hope to join you very soon, as I have just managed to polish off Organic Chemistry II, and in so doing, regain many of my lost freedoms.

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Congrats, Kelandon! You make me feel threatened, and thus I must post as I am currently doing.

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It's two days until my first month is over, and I've managed almost 50. I'm pretty exicted to be a journeyman instead of an apprentice. 4 months at this rate, I should have 200 posts, fully one fifth of what Kel did. I believe that title is "Citizen of Exile."

So, at my rate, it will take me about 1 year and 8 months to get 1K posts. Hopefully it doesn't take me that long (or, hopefully, I even make it to 1000, depends on how you look at it.) ;)


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