Ideas anyone?

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AuthorTopic: Ideas anyone?
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Or just remake Deja Vu. That game was bad-ass.

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How about on the line of simple games something like BattleShip where ships move (or is that done to death)

Or maybe an rpg where you play a bunch of old ladies (something like The Little Old Ladies from Pasadena Evil Fighting Squad of Butt Kicking Sewing Goodness) and you basically do missions for the Vatican/Illuminatti kind of secret society where the head cheese is really Barney and they send you to kick the bazooka out of evil guys like Ambrose Pierce, the secret leader of an order who's only goal is to completely rephrase the entire way we define things where every definition will have the word cheese in them, or the Evil Library GuyGirl (or GirlGuy) who knows where you live, and collects your soul (or aomething) for every book you damage, don't finish, read, or just see. And much more!

Deja Vu. Wow. That was a brilliant game with capital letters and Neon signs pointing to it.

Or maybe you can innovate the stagnant world of adventure games by creating something completely graphic, no typing at all, a new world with outstanding graphics and beautiful connectedness. Of course, this may mean you'll start a trend that will eventually destroy adventure games as we know them with overemphasis on graphics and taken-from-puzzle-books-and-badly-adapted puzzles. But, hey, if your conscience can take it.

PS: Firedrake, your mentioning of the future start on SC2 made me cry. Honest.
Oh Happy Happiness!

Seriously, though. The Interactive Fiction idea proposed earlier is worth your consideration. If you love writing, that's a neat thing to do.

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AUEG vs Neo Zeon.

that is all.

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Why, the Anti-Union Earth Group, of course. >_>
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Er. . . for the poor illiterate guy from a small yet to be named south american country:

please, what is Anti-Union Earth Group?

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Game idea: Hm. Perhaps something with robots, who have red umbrellas that shoot lazer-beams, who have to fight giant fire-breathing millipedes, and there'll be special bonus stages where you have to teach the robots to dance.

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BSC> Nothing. VWM screwed up and I called him on it.

The actual "group" is the AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group), which is the terrorist organization to which the protagonist of the anime Zeta Gundam belongs.
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Originally written by Zephyr Tempest:

That paddle ball idea is...


I wasn't aware we had an intellectual in our midst.

You might want to read the posts by Djur and Alec in this thread. You might notice something. Or suffer an embolism trying.

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