So these RP's....

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AuthorTopic: So these RP's....
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Umm... sorry to be a bother, but I thought any RP activity in general would be wacked! Its been a while since i was last here, about 9 months... could someone help?

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Some time back, Imban imposed a temporary ban on the creation of new RPs, due to the fact that there were, at the time, four active RPs on General. The ban was lifted after a few of the active RPs faded and died. Although I wasn't around nine months ago, a similar overpopulation of active RPs was probably the cause of most earlier bans. As there are no active RPs on General presently, the creation of a new RP at this time will be tolerated.


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Yeah, it was really weird. There were four banned RP's by Imban and I couldn't figure out why. Then I found out he wanted people to cool off making them for a while.

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