Libyan Rough Justice

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AuthorTopic: Libyan Rough Justice
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A good Islamic country such as Libya couldn't possibly have an AIDS epidemic; only sinful infidels get AIDS. However, AIDS has become a problem in Libya anyway. The cause, according to the Gaddafi regime, was a plan of CIA and Mossad, who used foreign medical workers to deliberately infect hundreds, if not thousands, of Libyan children. The conspiracy part was dropped, but the criminal investigations continued. Although independent medical experts found no evidence, confessions were obtained using torture. :rolleyes:
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wouldn't you know it. The only way people will tell us stuff is if we stick rotten figs in their mouth while tickling them to death.

This is what the pledge of alligence SHOULD be,

"I pledge alligance, to George Bush, with his mighty state of histeria..." and so on.

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Huh? What motive for the crime alleged in this political farce do you see?

Now that you mention for the Iraq war has gone up in the country where most of these medical professionals come from.


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Libya doesn't have anywhere near as much oil as Iraq, and they're not red-flag communists like Cuba, so Kadaffi's pretty much cool. Go gank some traitorous book-learners for us, Muhammar!

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Actually, Islamic countries in general have much lower rates of HIV infection than non-Islamic countries in the same region. This may have as much to do with circumcision as with fidelity, though.

I believe the accusations are that the HIV infection was a result of blood transfusions. Given that we can expect an underfunded aid agency in a poor country to lack proper screening facilities, the claim that these aid workers are responsible for some of the infections is at least plausible, even if the suggestion that it was deliberate is absurd.

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