What kind of RP partners would you like most?

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AuthorTopic: What kind of RP partners would you like most?
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Originally written by Your Fellow Procrastinator:

Alorael, may I license your style of personal self-commenting? - at least for occasional use?
Politeness dictates that I put this in diplomatic, nice terms that leave no feelings hurt and everyone feeling like they got the best end of the bargain. On the other hand, I've never been one for politness anyway.


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Mr. Procrastinator: Polaris (Look at my sig) is a smaller satellite community of Spidweb where many familiar people reside. There are less people to mess up in front of, and many are willing to help you learn the basics of RPing check it out.

Bad RPers tend to either be either too longwinded or incondiderate of others plotline. Or both. Perhaps coincidentally, I've noticed that people who post age and unnecessary physical (Or in some cases physcological) descriptions (Such as hair color) tend to be too longwinded or, worse, God characters. One always must look pretty before totally wiping out the pivotal antagonist of the story a few posts from the beginning. :/

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Yeah, that's a good point; a good RPer should not give a list of physical traits, weapons, history, etc. unless it's a requisite for joining the RP (which it should never be, in my opinion). If you feel a need to tell any of that, include it in the IC as it is needed (or slihtly pertinent, anyway). For instance: instead of
Physical description: Tall, handsome, blond, blue eyes, wavy hair.
Weapons: Gond (foot-long knife), Shima (large broadsword which has slain many foes.

His sea-blue eyes dropped to his belt as he reached for his sword, Shima. He had slain hundreds of foes already; these brigands would just be a few more. One of his assailants leaped forward, and he plunged the knife, Gond, into his chest; the man's weight hardly swayed him. He looked down at the next man, and he threw his head back in laughter. A brigand grabbed his wavy blond hair from behind, and he threw the man off his back.
Not the best example, I know, but then again, I've never had such a character, and hope to keep it that way. Anyway, that's another important quality.

Also, reading through the Prohibition RP has reminded me of something else: if it's not useful, then for God's sake, don't post it. I'm glad that your character's bathroom has light blue walls, but no one cares. Read through Premonition's post about the pirate council in the Avernum RP, if you have that saved anywhere. That's a good example of how to show the setting of a post without boring the hell out of the reader, and it's good writing, anyway.

...Actually, come to think of it, if you want to know what I define as good roleplaying, read Prem's and FZ's posts. They're both good RPers, and good RP partners; I guess that's the best way to describe what I think an RP partner should be like.

And yes, Procrastinator, if you would like to learn to roleplay, come to Polaris. Just the fact that you would like to be taught is a good sign.

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And that is another example where the "narrative" (ie. story) description is better than the short list of traits, which would be used to describe a person in a play (or "performative" work). IMAGE(What kind of RP partners would you like most (2)_files/smile.gif)

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I second Logo's suggestion. Procrastinator, imo you'd fit very well into Polaris, and it's easier to practice good RPing on a smaller board with members who are more... shall we say... mature. IMAGE(What kind of RP partners would you like most (2)_files/tongue.gif)
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