What MB software do you prefer?

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AuthorTopic: What MB software do you prefer?
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SO, i was going over a couple message boards, and realized there where major and minor diffrences between boards. SO i asked someone what software they preferd, and i though, "Hey, why not go around to diffrent forums, each using a diffrent MB software, and ask?" SO, could you vote then give the reason why you like that one?

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phpBB plus and Invision Powered. They're both pretty good, and MUCH better than UBB.

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I like vBulletin, and Invision isn't bad. UBB is one of the worst.

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Yes. UBB has a very nice (if commonly abused) poll feature, but not much else.

I'd go for Invision over phpBB. phpBB is a counterintuitive nightmare to administrate.

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Having administrated a UBB, ikonBoard, invision board, phpBB board, and ezBoard, I can say without reservation that UBB has the best administration and nicest control panel of them all.

And personally, I think that UBB is much better than all of the others listed. We are not getting its full functionality, however.

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I like UBB.

I've administrated an IPB, but I didn't like it much.

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