Some Motrax Poetry

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AuthorTopic: Some Motrax Poetry
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"Moxie" is an odd truncation,
It rather seems like my name's annihilation.
The rhythm was off these last two lines,
I don't mind, I'm not paying fines.

My bad day turned from bad to good,
There was one factor, and that was food.
After lunch, smile you should,
It'll improve and rebuild an awful mood.

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I only gave two posts left.

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You only gave two posts left?!

What, if any, sense is that grammatically correct assortment of words &mdash let's call it a sentence if you want &mdash supposed to contain?

"And all should cry, Beware, Beware!
His Flashing eyes, his Floating hair!" S. T. Coleridge
"It is as if everyone had lost their sense
Consigned themselves to downfall and decadence
And a wisp it is they have chosen as their beacon." Reinhard Mey.
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Hmm... Let's suppose it's it typo and not a grammatically incorrect sentence. Now Arancaytar can just say, 'What do you mean?'. Horah!

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Uh sirs he probably meant "I only have two posts left." Maybe until post # 800?


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