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Bob's Big Date
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"Leaving" and creating a brand new account the same day? Priceless. Even I waited a couple weeks.

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I should not complain, as I just did the same thing.. Without claiming to be leaving, though..

- The Great Mister
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The last post that I could find by your old account is dated June 22, 2003 12:15 PM, Alec. You registered Custer on June 27. You didn't wait a couple weeks, you waited five days.

But that's besides the point. Could you please stop picking fights with me? I registered this account because of a little joke at Polaris, which has now turned rather sour. I did intend to leave Spiderweb, but you of all people should know how long forsaking this forum lasts.

As a technicality, I didn't claim to be leaving. I just posted a quote from The Tempest. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards WB Ishnu-Motrax_files/tongue.gif)

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I'd say that "I have no reason to talk", but clearly I do. Not only was I subjected to actual fagotry that was universally agreed upon to be unjust, but I was also gone for months before returning in an attempt to take over (Logo would remember- good times, but sadly, the scheme was impaled by the sad sword of debacle).

We're all amazed but not amused
By all the things that you said you'd do.
You're much concerned but not involved by
Decisions that are made by you
But we are sick and tired of hearing your song,
Telling us how you are going to change right from wrong,
'Cause if you really want to hear our views,
You haven't done nothin'.

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