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AuthorTopic: Yet another RP
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As if we didn't have enough RPs, I think I'll start another 1.

The general plot:
The town of Kodon is faced with an invasion from some mysterious and powerful group of really evil people. In an effort to save the town, Mayor Richards has sought adventurers from far off lands to destroy the evil group(who I-or someone else- will name later)

My Char:
Name: Firefly
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human
Equipment: Sword of Unholy Flame(deals dark & fire damage), Sword of Blood(life stealing) DragonScale Chainmail(half fire & ice damage)
Skills: Alter Aura(appear to be something else), minor telekenesis(sp?), Ectoplasmic(sp?) Solid(creates an inivisible, nearly indestructable, solid which only the caster can see and control), Healing, Firebolt, Levatation, Shadowmeld(become invisible in shadows)

*After many days of travel, Firefly finally arrives at Kodon*

Firefly: Finally, I was starting to think I would never get here.

*Following traditional adventurer rules, FF makes his way to the Inn/Bar. When he arrives, he orders a drink and sits down at a table*

OOC: With any luck, this RP won't end up sucking and dying a painful death like so many have in the past.
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Considering what Imban said, this topic is lock bait.

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I didn't get that memo. What'd he say?

On second thought, I don't care. If it gets locked, so be it.

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I'll join, my character will be NightMan.
Name. Nightman
Race.Alien from the Galaxy of Argentina
Home Town. The Planet of Krpton.
Sex. Male
Religion. Pagant alien religion that has not yet been discovered
hieght. 6'ft
wieght 210 pounds
Description. wears a very dark robe that covers his body.

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Spiderweb has a limit of three active RP's at once. This is number four.

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(Actually, I declared the limit to be two.) - Imban

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