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AuthorTopic: Game recommendation?
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Hello all,

I just learned of Spiderweb Software from some glowing reviews. I've got limited time for gaming, and was hoping some people here would be willing to give me a recommendation as to which of the Spiderweb games I ought to try first and give a serious trial.

In case it helps in your recommendation, I've been playing computer rpgs since around 1980. I buy most commercial rpgs that look halfway decent, to at least give them a try. I almost never finish the games anymore, though IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Game recommendation_files/frown.gif) . I like games with good stories, settings and character interaction. Combat's not a huge thing for me. I prefer games with less fighting (especially random encounters), but where the combat is tactically interesting.

I read that Spiderweb games tend to have very good plots and settings, with less focus on graphics, so that's why I'm interested.

I downloaded Avernum 3 since I understand it is one of Spiderweb's more recent games. Is that a good game for me to start with? Any other recommendations as to which game has an involved and interesting story and npc interactions that I should try instead of Avernum 3 since I'll probably only take the time to try out one Spiderweb game (unless of course I like the first one a lot).

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I'd recommend you buy Blades of Exile and play some of the better scenarios. Most are shorter than the Exile/Avernum series, and many have stronger plots.

If you decide BoE isn't your thing, Geneforge has quite a following too.

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Exile or Avernum, starting from the beginning. Massive storyline. Much easier to learn than the rather insane BoE.

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Try out Blades of Exile. If you can stand the demo interface, go and buy it. There are over 75 quality scenarios for you to play, and many of them have several endings. About 25 scenarios can be classed as masterpieces, and they have plots greater than or equal to the other Spidweb games and are generally more fun.

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Actually, if your gaming time is limited, BoE may not be the game for you. It is the best game by far as far as value for money goes, but if you have limited time you might think getting SubTerra. Anyway, download both of them, and have a look, but don't base your choice soley on the single scenario available to download with BoE-most of the player-made ones are better by far. But it's really what you'll enjoy, not what we enjoyed, and that's what's so great about shareware, you have a chance to find out before you pay any money...


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BoE can cover just about everything from great plots to interesting (and painful) combat to puzzles that make you long for the painful combat again. With the number of scenarios there are almost certainly many that will appeal to you. And, because of the length of most scenarios, you have a better chance of reaching the end.

If BoE is not your thing, try the Nethergate demo. It's Spiderweb's shortest RPG (or rather, two short and connected RPG's telling the same story from two points of view), but I think it maintains the best atmosphere.

—Alorael, who will also recommend Avernum 2 or Exile 2. They have the same plot but different engines, and they have the best plot out of the Exile/Avernum games.
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Of course, Spiderweb offers the game demos so you can decide whether you actually want to purchase the game. I'd suggest giving them all a test run, even the Exile series.

Personally, I really enjoyed Exile 2/Avernum 2. Plot-wise, its my favorite, since it takes place in Exile/Avernum. and Exile 3/Avernum 3 are also solid buys.

If you want to start with the basics, the real deal, the original, then of course, you'd be looking at Exile 1. However, you might find that its a bit clumsy to play; Exile 2 vastly improved on it in many ways (my personal point-of-being-driven-insane: you can't right-click to look, but must use "l" or the button [if i'm missing something here, please tell me. Honestly, it drives me nuts. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Game recommendation_files/wink.gif) ] ) but its a VERY fun game. If its a little unplayable, or if you're used to luxuries, get Avernum 1 instead. It 's still missing a right-click look, but is cleaner than Exile 1.

I never bought BoE, but I sure wish I did! IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Game recommendation_files/wink.gif)

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I would say you should play Exile 3 first and then perhaps Avernums 1 and 2. I have observed that those who play an Avernum first don't really appreciate the Exiles. Exiles 1 and 2, while good, have horrible interface in comparison to E3 and the other games. Also, BoE is indeed a good investment.

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My favorite by far was Exile II. I can honestly say that i sunk 200-300 hours of time into playing it over my summer vacation. The last game I found to be that transfixing was FF7 on Playstation, so Exile II ranks way, way up there for me. However, if you've gotten used to the many luxuries and amenities that the Avernum series has to offer, you might find the look of the Exile games to be somewhat repellant. My friends all laugh when they see me playing it, but I like to think of it as an aquired taste, like fine wine or cheese.

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I don't know... Exile II made me fall in love with Spiderweb (as stupid as that sounds). But it's great, I enjoyed every minute I played it. To me, the best Exile plot. Then you could try E3/A3, or A2. Try Geneforge too, though I don't like it as much as the Exile series (I just love the tiny, perfect, simple graphics... such a beautiful world).

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Ahh, yes, Exile II. It was my first introduction to Spiderweb, and I loved it. Unfortunately, I never registered it. About 5 years later I rediscovered Spiderweb, and registered Avernum 2. That was a fun game, especially since I registered it and finally found out what was beyond that Vahnatai portal. Chapter 4 was great, as was the atmosphere you all keep mentioning. I also like Geneforge and it's openendedness, even if that openended plot messes with the atmosphere. If you want plot, play through the Exile/Avernum series, then get BOE (or BOA if it's out by then). Then get out here and discuss them on the boards with us!
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I found all of Spiderweb's Exile games on demo disks, but I didn't register any till I found that BoE had a Scenario Editor you had to register to use. Then I registered Exile 3, mainly because it was the most similar. Then when Avernum came out I registered A3, cos you get a discount for registering an Exile and Avernum game.... Well, my life story in a nutshell. They're all pretty good, but I personally never really got into Geneforge....
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Well, at the risk of starting a flame war, I'm going to recommend you try Geneforge 1 or 2, and not Blades of Exile.

I, like you, an a casual gamer. I bought Blades of Exile, and I don't believe I've ever finished a single scenario. I don't dispute the fact that it has a dedicated community, but it really takes a lot of "leg-work" to get into the Exile engine, let alone start doing things like changing resource forks to import graphics. And don't even think about sitting down and crunching out a scenario - every time I tried I just became confused and frustrated.

The Geneforge series has an engaging and unique plot, and isn't terribly difficult to lean.

The Avernum series is also pretty good. I enjoyed Avernum 1, particularly the final battle.

Avernum 2 kind of became boring to me after a while, and I haven't really tried 3 yet, but it looks promising.

And, if you're feeling like something different, I REALLY enjoyed Nethergate. That probably is my favorite Spiderweb game. Unfortunately, the interface and game play can be a bit difficult if you're only playing a couple of hours a week.

So, if you're anything like me, stay away from "Exile" since it really does take a significant amount of time to understand.

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I, like you, an a casual gamer. I bought Blades of Exile, and I don't believe I've ever finished a single scenario. I don't dispute the fact that it has a dedicated community, but it really takes a lot of "leg-work" to get into the Exile engine, let alone start doing things like changing resource forks to import graphics. And don't even think about sitting down and crunching out a scenario - every time I tried I just became confused and frustrated.
The custom graphics are not such a problem if you are a PC user.
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