Im back too!

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AuthorTopic: Im back too!
Shock Trooper
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Hijacking this topic to announce my own return.

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Erhh...well, welcome back whoever you are.

Personally I think "I´m back"-topics suck quite reasonably much. If you are back, then you are going to post, nicht war? And if you do that people will almost be forced to notice that you´re back.

Am I really the first one to come to think of this?
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Some of us are baaaad little lurkers.

Most, I'm afraid, are in it for the attention. "Ooh! A thread! All about me!"

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Hmm, well welcome back.

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Did anyone else notice that the originator of this thread has since remained mysteriously silent throughout this thread and in fact the whole board? I wonder, is he going to post another I'm Back topic when he returns once more, then leave again? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Im back too! (2)_files/tongue.gif)

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Maybe he was banned. (Wink Wink)

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