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Changes for Better or Worse? in Avernum 4
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I only had one major gripe with Avernum 4, but I feel pretty strongly about it. The lack of secrets really takes away from the game(I agree with Kelandon, having to be told about the secrets just isn't the same as spontaneously finding one.) One of the great pleasures of the Avernum/Exile series, perhaps the biggest pleasure, was finding these. Their conspicous absence detracts from the fun of Avernum 4 in five major ways:
It mitigates the atmosphere of wonder and exploration that the game relies on. You don't get the feeling that you can find anything around the bend. Small secrets can vastly enliven the game, as when you find the uranium in Exile II.It destroys the expansive nature of the game. When you play, you don't feel the need to explore further after you have an area mapped out. The ability to go back and find something strange and interesting made the game infinitely more distracting.It harms the concept of character building. The difference between finding and missing secrets in the Avernum/Exile games can mean the difference between having a powerful party versus a weak one.It hurts the overall "richness" of the game. Secrets were a fun addition that added game time and pleasure to Avernum 4's predecessors.Finally, it damages replay value. Finding a secret that you missed the first time around can provide impetus for a second or third playthrough.

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