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What do YOU want to see in G4? in Geneforge Series
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Lots of good ideas and lots of.. umm.. "not good ideas". Hope none of them gets implemented though, 'cause then it wouldn't be one man's brainchild, the Geneforge, anymore. I pretty much think most of the creating happened in GF1 and 2 and 3 has been just what inevitably followed 1 and 2, and 4 will be obviously what inevitably follows 1, 2 and 3. The world created is living a life of it's own - is basically what I'm trying to say.

A few things I have to note on. Shapers? Everyone on this topic acts like they were some kind of weird race, but aren't they just humans who have been strictly closed to some facility from early childhood to learn The Art of Shaping? I mean, sure they call others humans like they were something else, but to me it seems more like it's an attitude and not some genetical difference. They are Shapers because they became Shapers by years of harsh training that most couldn't do, so they're just the elites of humanity. Eh?

Other than that? I don't see why there couldn't technically be a servile PC. In GF2 I think I remember the Awakened ones using specifically made canisters to shape themselves so they'd become more powerful. Correct me if I remember it wrong. Also (and this I'm sure about), in GF3 there were some servile cultists who summoned creations with weird chants. So I see two ways to allow a servile PC with magic and shaping if the need arises. Though the ideological background proves more challenge in this case.

Also, aren't Sholai just humans who are called Sholai because they are from other continent? Like Europeans are called Europeans because they are from Europe.

I've wanted to see Geneforge so that pretty much all weird creatures are created by Shapers. It makes the game much more exciting when you can think it could, with a little good will, be applied to our own history. Plus that's a more scientifical and logical reason for things like drakons (could call them dragons as well) existing (and for the dragon myths in real history, of course ;D). (Haven't yet delved deep into GF1 so don't know about the history of serviles and fyoras, but if they were beings not originally created by shapers, it would eat some of the foundation from my theory). Anyways, Shapers could be seen as gods, but also just as mere humans. It's an interesting allegory to our present time. Also, it gives a view to the god->creation -relationship. How would you be if you were a god and created something? The question has been asked three times already, and different options to answer it have been given.

Also, I think the paradox of power is interesting. First one needs power to fulfill ideals, but when one has enough power, ideals don't matter. Just the plain power in itself matters. And it calls for more power. It's even scary how the feeling of the game infects the player. Some little villages fighting each other matter not. Some petty "fetch me a few items" -quests matter no more, because there's no gain. Only getting to bigger and better equipped research laboratories and killing more powerful creatures matters, 'cause gain comes from there.
Hope I'm not the only one who actually puts his soul into the game like this. I could be a bit mad.

Oh, and may I point: ornkotaurs? I mean aren't ornks cowlike creatures? The suffix 'taur' means a bull already, so ornkotaurs would be cowlike.. cows. Eh? And the word 'mino' in minotaur comes from the mythical King Minos, so minotaur would basically mean something like "Minos' bull". If you'd like to see powerful, axe-wielding, two legged and intelligent ornks roam the world of GF4, you would have to be more original when thinking of a name. Oh, ignore this last part of my post.

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