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Khossos Blaze an important character? in Geneforge Series
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In the event there are spoilers here, you might want to stop reading. Otherwise, though, I need some help.

I am playing as a rebel, but wandered about the Spire Forest, which angered Khossos Blaze and caused him to attack me. I made short work of him, but when I returned to Icy End, everyone was angry with me. Needless to say, this makes it well-nigh impossible to finish the game. Even the cheat code "pleaselikeme" doesn't assuage their fury. You can imagine how irritating I find this to be, since there was no indication given that Khossos was such an important character that his death would permanently turn the rest of the rebels against me.

Is this a bug that is easily fixed, or do I have to go back to a much earlier saved game?
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