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Purchase question, Game Review question in General
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Hello --

(1) I have purchased several Spiderweb games in the past, but can't remember which ones I bought in the various series and over many PCs ago. I have placed my expendable e-mail address as my Displayed Name {to the left} on the forum, which is also the e-mail address I used when ordering games from you, and I would be grateful if you could e-mail to me the names I have already purchased. Thank you.

(2) Is there a review anywhere of the revamped Nethergate? Or the original Nethergate? Thanks in advance. :cool:
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Tools, anyone? in Geneforge Series
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Originally written by Contra:

Anyone actually found a use for these [shaper] tools in the game? Not the living but the oldschool things just named "tools". Is there a use? In any of the Geneforge games?
If it is like earlier Geneforge games, at some point you'll be asked to deliver the item 'Shaper Tools' to someone in order to construct/build a special item.

I try to keep one instance of each item in storage, because in earlier Vogel games, you sometimes have to deliver a mundane item to make someone happy. For instance, someone may want a board game and dice, or a towel, or a trowel ... etc.
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