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A bunch of questions in Blades of Avernum
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My first question is when using the character editor or using skill points to increase a characters priest or mage spell level (say from 6 to 7), how come the spells that require a skill level of 7 don't light up?

Second question. What are the accounts ledgers for in the Valley of
Dying Things senario?

Third question. In VoDT, I know where to to buy the Ball of fire spell (skill 2) for my mage, but where are the upgrades for my cleric? All I can find are the ones in the town west of Sweetgrove, but they are all for level ten and up.

Forth question. Which level is the one that matters for casting spells? My mage is level 3 and has a mage spell level of 6, which one is the one that counts?

Thanks. :)
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