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life on mars in General
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'The Unknown Pickle' may actually know what he's talking about. The fact is, there is probably life on Mars and we put it there. Despite intense sterilization procedures, the explorers we are sending to Mars contain thousands of terrestrial microbes. Many of the earlier probes (early Soviet missions) were subjected to few if any cleaning procedures, and even some of the newer explorers (NASA's Pathfinder) were only given modest cleaning. Several types of small life forms (bacteria for instance) can survive the intense temperature and radiation conditions in space. NASA has shown that terrestrial microbes can even survive for at least a year on the Moon (where there is no atmosphere and much harsher conditions then Mars has). For some examples, you can check out the NASA research or lookup the 'WaterBear' for one of the strongest mircobes known to man (not even a nearby nuclear blast can harm such a microbe). The 'stellar' survival capabilities of many bacteria is quite impressive and many would have no trouble surviving for very long periods of time on Mars (especially considering what many of them can eat to survive, lol).
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