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Speculation about "that door"...? in Geneforge 2
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Maybe they shaped him like they do to you when you join the Takers?

If you can make machine/creations, why not Shaper/plants?

Kinda reminds me of Trigun...

I'm guessing the new creation type. Cryodrakons would be interesting. Seeing how much damage my Ur-Drakon did to the rogues around Gazak-Uss, though, makes me wonder how powerful you can make someone without it getting down to DBZ mode. The forever annnoying,
"I'm stronger than you! Die!"
"No you're not! Hah, you're dead! I'm the strongest!"

Perhaps Jeff will make it so you can't make the Drakons, Gazers, and Rothgroths, and instead have some new creatures.

...You could come in as an apprentice caught in the middle of the war.

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