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Wish list for BoA in Blades of Avernum
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Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is this : we all have now at least a 15 inch monitor or even better, right? Those monitors can display up to 768*1024 pixels, right again?
So why not give a little more space on screen to the game? If you had a - let's say - 600*800 playing area, it would be more comfortable and should also look more professional.
The graphics need no change, just the size of the window. imagine the advantage of it : a better view of the battle field, no need to scroll to find your ennemies (sometimes I had to run around in circles to find the last enemy hiding off screen) and in town, a better way to know where you are.

Another thing that could be nice is a way points system like in D2, this to avoid loosing time wandering between towns. One town/one WP (I often forget where a town is, or in which town a quest started, so imagine the mess with several quests going along).

Two weapons is useless, I like it, but it has no reason to exist if it unbalances the game.

Another cool feature would be an empty slot in the PC slot to keep a summoned creature in the party. I mean here a useful one like a familiar for a mage.

Maces and swords? Once again, useless if a mace is not better against undead, I'll never use it.

New spells? Well, I liked the idea of the nether spells in Nethergate. The fact you CAN NOT have them with the editor is really nice. You have to FIND those spells and they shall remain mystery if not.

Something that offers a decent protection for the magic users would be nice, it might be rare and/or expensive, but definitly it should exist. Having to take of your armor to cast light or open lock is really frustrating. Of course, as BoE allowed us to create items, I suppose I still can create this... Anyway if encumberance affects a mage, it should also affect a thieve. :P

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