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What feature that the Avernum series lacked would you most like to see in BoA? in Blades of Avernum
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:cool: I would like to see more quest for artifacts. :D Maybe even having an enemy that your always in competition with.One of those love hate things. ;) Perhaps even a character that joins your party without leaving someone behind. :D Alittle romance wouldn't hurt much either. :P A bag of holding comes to mind.You can keep putting stuff in there until you sell it.This weight limit with God like strenght stinks. :rolleyes: I really can't waite for BOA, I think it will supprise us all. :cool: Oh and before I forget,a jewel that could take you from one town, that you've visited,to another.Save on the ware and tear of the boots. :P Of course not to take away from the adventure in between.A flying horse?A pet that tags along?

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