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A couple questions about Alvarny in GF-2 in Geneforge Series
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Hi folks,
(Hey, after all this time my login is still here. Great!)

I am curious about a couple things in the Infiltrator's Fort in GF-2. When I found Alvarny and his gang and asked for their help they said I needed to talk to Seli in Medab. However I looked all over Medab and East Medab (or thought I did) and never seemed to find this person. The one time I thought I "might" have seen him was several levels back when I mistakenly let out the penned Fyora near the blacksmith shop (before I pulled the plug on that session I thought I saw someone named Seli entereing the fray so I wonder if he was the Fyora's owner).
The other question has to do with giving Alvarny the good news after cleaning out the fort (since I could not find Seli I had to forego Alvarny's help). However I was presented with two almost identical choices for telling him. Unfortunately I didn't write these down but I think one said something like "I killed a bunch of rogues and serviles" and the other said "I cleared out the fort".
I picked the one sounded more comprehensive (that mentioned the fort) but Alvarny's reaction was lukewarm. He and his gang joyfully packed up and left but I got very little EP. I had saved the game from just before the choice and tried the other option. Alvarny was much more enthusiastic and I got a lot more EP.
I had meant to keep that saved game around but somehow lost it (thus my rough approximation of what was said). However the difference still puzzles me.
In case it makes a difference I was playing a Shaper with a leadership of 10, had been very nice to Serviles and had joined the Awakened. TIA!
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