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Should it be made at all? in Blades of Avernum
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In thoery, the idea is brilliant, but the complications outweigh the possibilities. To my knowledge, there won't be as much scope for the development of new scenarios.

In BOE you could make entire new races and monsters, but i guess it's gonna be a lot more complicated for the Avernum version, ie you have to spend a great deal more time doing the graphics and stuff like that. For BoE you could make a whole NEW place, but the scope's gonna be severly limited for BoA.

As for 'stupid' people on the net, it's just there are more people learning about the net, once they do, they can be introduced into the niche of this style of game.

It's like the pop industry, you can churn out crap, but after a while people aint gonna buy it, they want the good old stuff.
That's the same with games. There's so much rubbish with all the glitzy graphics, but games like Avernum, really expand the mind, which is what a lot of gamers want. Not poor storylines and amazing graphics!

Bring back the adventure!!
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