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I, II, or III in The Exile Trilogy
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I'm sly, really as I never played the first Exile game, I suppose I really missed out.

I loved II, my first ever Exile experience. I got the shareware version on a disc of assorted games. I'm ever so pleased I did!

From the age of seven, Exile consumed me. It was all I thought about during school hours. I shunned my friends for it and got restricted to a measley 30 minutes computer allowance because of my addiction. It's so strange to think that now.

Anyway, in reply to the main question. Exile 3, it took me ages to complete but it was an amazing feeling when I did. Genius plot.

I suppose I shall have to get into Avernum now, I'm sure I'd feel a traitor as I'm a bit of an old stick but I'm sure I won't regret it! I never do.

I talk too much...

Be England what she will...

Adrianna is genius.

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