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Exile vs. Avernum in The Avernum Trilogy
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I personally found one of the most significant thing taken out in Avernum that really affected character development is the change of how sp is recovered.

In the entire Exile series, IIRC, it will regenerate over time, anywhere. In Avernum, IIRC also, they only regenerate outdoors, and at a really fast rate.

For my two "pure-fighters", they'll start with 2 levels of priest spells (and the free sp along with it), and they can use Wound as they close in on enemies. This gives them a 100% hitting non-resistable long range damage ability that is constantly reusable. I really liked the way I can have everyone in my party doing serious magic (mage/priest levels are usually 0/2 x 2, 5/3 x 2, and a 7/5 + 5/7) while also being able to dish out crazy melee damage to boot. Taking out an entire Empire army in 1-2 turns is not uncommon for my team.
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