Starting stats for a singleton

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AuthorTopic: Starting stats for a singleton
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I'm interested in starting up a singleton from the beginning (and perhaps using him to play through Alcritas' scenarios). What sort of stat allocation should I start with?

I figured 4 each for Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, and 3 for Mage and Priest, would work well to start with, but I just noticed that Magery has its own low-level blessing spell ("Strength"). What have you guys found to be the most effective skill layout for a beginning singleton?
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I would suggest starting off with a good warrior. Then, when he levels up, give him spells and all that other good stuff. This usually works great, at least in my personal experience.

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What about a singleton character for An Apology? Priest skills, to use Wound on the runes?

(Although melee is stupid-powerful at high levels, I find it pretty inadequate at low levels, at least without some hasting and blessing to back it up.)

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It's ages since I played, but I think the last time I made a singleton I took Frrrr, gave him 5 points of mage and priest skill and put the rest in strength.

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It's best to start with as many spell levels as you can, since you get free spell points that way. After that, you'll need 4 intelligence so that your spells don't suck, and plenty of Strength so that you start gaining some health as you level up (don't invest any skill points in health directly: you can't afford it). Consider getting at least one point of Luck as soon as possible. Dexterity isn't important: you get more bang for your buck out of weapon skills, as long as you can decide what weapon type to use.

It's not absolutely necessary to start with 4 intelligence, by the way: you can fight entirely with field spells like Flame Cloud for a level or two if you have to, since those don't depend on intelligence.

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