Thoughts on converting to another language

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AuthorTopic: Thoughts on converting to another language
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What do you guys think about changing it up a little bit? I personally think it would be awesome done as a web app with javascript and php. I know it would be a lot of work, but it would really be worth it, in my humble opinion. One of the main reasons is that anyone anywhere can play, without having to download and install it. It could be uploaded here, when complete, or anyone else that has their own site could throw it up as well. I am really interested in doing this project, but it will be a large undertaking. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks
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:eek: EEK! No! If you want to do it as a web app, javascript will not work! (I think the same is true of PHP, but don't quote me. :o )

I have no objection to the idea, but it would be far easier to use Java if you want to play it online. Since the game is written in C/C++, and Java is similar to C++, you may be able to port it with very little work.

That said, I don't think it's high priority.
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You know, i never thought of java for some reason. That would make much more sense. But for the record it _can_ be done with javascript and PHP via ajax. You could easily capture the user input with js and do the processing with PHP. But java would be much simpler to do, and more functional. Thanks for the advice. But again, any and all help would be welcome

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Just be warned that the JRE browser plugin (and JRE in general) is *extremely* sluggish and resource intensive, no matter what people spout about on-the-fly optimization making Java faster than C++.

(I'll admit that Classpath and its plugin are ridiculously faster and lighter, but not everything that works with JRE can be gotten to work with Classpath. And you can't expect Windows users to have Classpath installed.)

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