AC3 Help requested.

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AuthorTopic: AC3 Help requested.
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Hey, it's been over a week since the last one! :P

Ok, somehow I managed to download the old version of this game. (I think it was the one directly on this site, but it might have been on the Truesite for Blades)

Anyway, now I'm at the end of Part 1. Should I get part 2 and play from there, or just find the complete version and start over? WHat transfers over from game to game if I try the former?

P.S. WHere do I find Muck Mold?

P.P.S. THis is a totally side point, but in Bandits 2, does anyone remember how to get to Disco Joe's? I forgot.

Help would be appreciated

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Ok, don't leave the scenario (but be outdoors) and replace the scenario file with the new one (the one with the entire game). This should work.

Also, a quote from the readme:

1.If you're beginning with a saved game from Part 1, you may need to use
the town reset keys ("shift" + ">") to get the graphics in some cities
to look correct.
Now to the muck mold question:

It's in the Smuggler's cave but you'll need a certain device to get to it.

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This is also a good site
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