Favorite Scenarios?

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AuthorTopic: Favorite Scenarios?
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To those still around:

What are your all time favorite scenarios? This thread is for both BoE and BoA, though as most of the great scenarios are BoE, I decided to post this here,

My favorites (in no particular order):

Shadow of the Stranger
An Apology
Of Good and Evil
Truffle Days
Nebulous Times Hence
Adventurer's Club 2: Asylum

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Fort Emerald Robbery
The Nephils' Defense
The Final Spire
The Fifth Tower of Magi
The Portal
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Nephil's Gambit,
Nephil's Gambit,
and Nephil's Gambit.

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Gah! I had been keeping a list of scenarios and ranking them as I went, but I left the list on my computer back at home. Here is my list in order of how much I recall enjoying them (BoE only, it's too hard to combine the two lists into 1.)

Falling Stars
An Apology
Shadow of the Stranger
Nebulous Times Hence
Brotherhood of the Hand
Bandits II
Of Good and Evil
The Forsaken

There are a lot of scenarios (Especially in the 7-8 range) that I haven't played, and a lot that I've started and lost interest in (Which probably means they wouldn't have been makign this list anyhow) but anyway these are my favorites. The first 4 are in a league of their own IMO, and the next 6 are also great but a definite step down from the first 4. The last three round out the list.

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In no particular order...

Falling Stars - engaging plot, lots of characters, lots of hidden stuff. Some people have complained about combat balance, but I find that the "unbalanced" fights make it feel more realistic - some days you're up against a bunch of disorganized orcs, others you're facing Seraphim and Rokka that are tailor-made to kill unwilling targets.

Tomorrow - Essence spells, cool. Wickerman, cool. Fight with Cornell, really cool. Ending cutscene... amazing.

At the Gallows - This scenario didn't strike me as really great until the stuff with the mysterious purple-robed guy and the alternate reality business came into play. It never really got elaborated on, but the utter weirdness of it all was wonderful.

Revenge - this scenario gets a special place in my list, because it proved that you can make a scenario very difficult without making all the tough monsters magic-immune. This makes combat a lot more interesting.
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Like one's children, they're all 'favorites'. ;)
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Ooh, i just love BoE, but no particular scenario. ( I can't remember all I've played either.)

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