Horrible graphics corruption in OBoE

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AuthorTopic: Horrible graphics corruption in OBoE
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When I start OBoE via Wine (from anywhere on my hard drive, and at any monitor resolution), I get graphics corruption that looks very much like what happens with these bugs:


The above are fixed in the demo version (and the registered version, from what I can tell with updated executables and the proper bladmisc.dat file). Open BoE, on the other hand, looks like this on start:


Has this been seen with OBoE on any other platforms? How might I go about fixing it?

(BTW, has anyone gotten the PC editor for Windows to compile? In certain scenarios it can be very useful for undoing otherwise permanent screwups.)
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In one word No. I can't get anything to compile. On Bloodshed Dev-C++ I got hit with 31 errors and there was no output file. (I was using the official Spiderweb source code, the only one I know of.)

The problem with the Character Editor is that the items given are based upon a default scenario, when most scenarios have a few or a lot of customized items. Itemdata.h contains the list used.
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I'm not sure about OBoE, but supposedly it's nigh impossible to get Spiderweb games to work on Wine. I haven't tried it myself, but the problem might be there.

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I can't vouch for other Spidweb games (other than BoA, which works decently without sound), but registered and unregistered copies of BoE work perfectly, with no corruption (they crash when you use ALSA instead of OSS, but that's it). Given that, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect OBoE to work.
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Here's my experience on this topic:

The original, unregistered BoE crashes.Ormus's version runs, but fails to load any resources (that includes both graphics and sounds).On the other hand, I'm using Darwine on the Mac, so I just play the Mac version. :D
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