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In OBoE, I was wondering if we could fix selling items so that they can be sold when equipped. It would be a nicety if I didn't have to unequip items to sell them.

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It may be possible, depending on how isolated parts of the equipped code are versus the selling parts. Knowing the way some of the code is written, it may be that being able to sell an item while equipped will cause problems elsewhere. Rather than doing a proper fix, it is not allowed.

The other thing that makes me hesitate is a protection on the player from selling his/her best equipment by mistake. This merits more discussion either way.

Right now I'm in the middle of the extensive effort to make the .exs file format cleaner and more managable. This turns out to be a lot more work than I had hoped as many parts and actions depend on these things and I'm having to take that all into account.

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Better keep it as it is now. I think it was possible in the Trilogy, but was changed now with a good reason. (as *i said)

Certain items in BoE are very valuable or even needed to win the current scenario, which really should be kept and not sold by accident.

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