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AuthorTopic: Main Menu "How To Order" button and scrolling text
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I was poking around Ormus's Win32 BoE port, and I noticed that the "How To Order" button said "unused" and the scrolling text image said it was the unregistered version.

I decided to change the scrolling text image (162.38 KB BMP image) around a bit, changing the "unregistered" thing to something about the CPL, changed the Nethergate reference to be more general, and added and changed a couple more things to make it up to date.

Also, perhaps the How To Order button should bring up the CPL instead.

Just my thoughts. Feel free to make suggestions or change the image yourself if you have better ideas.

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Thanks for changing that scrolling image! I will include it in the next release. And the idea of button bringing up CPL is great! I don't want to play with dialogs now so this button will open licence text in the notepad window. I don't fully understand this custom dialog thing and that's the reason. :)

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