Custom graphics foul up??

AuthorTopic: Custom graphics foul up??
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Hiya! I am having a bit of trouble getting a custom talking graphic to work correctly, and would appreciate some assistance. Please bear w/ me, b/c I am a complete newb w/ custom graphics. u_u;

I have gotten everything except for my talking graphic to work correctly: terrain, monsters, animated terrain.

This is the talking graphic I am using (zoomed in): IMAGE(

When I test the scenario to verify the graphics are working correctly, that same talking graphic shows up like this (also zoomed in): IMAGE(

This is what I am entering into the BoE editor: IMAGE(

I did notice, however, that when I return to that same monster, the graphic number changes to this: IMAGE(

Yeah, I added the "MOCKERY!" in there when I was getting frustrated... is it normal for the program to automatically change the talking pic number like that? No matter what 1000+ number I enter, it always reverts to 240, 242, some random 240 number. It's mocking me! Please help! =(
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I guess I hate to ask, but is this the stock issue Blades of Exile Scenario Editor, or one of the compatability updates that people (esp. Khoth) have been doing?

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1008 mod 256 = 240

My guess is that the talking graphic is a byte-sized value. You'll have to use a picture ID below 256.

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The editor does that. Just don't try to edit the monster after you've changed its talking pic and closed the edit window or you'll have to set it again.

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