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AuthorTopic: Scenarios
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Hey, I just remembered this nice ol' game and started to wonder:
Does anyone know if there were any more scenarios of the series by alcritas after tomorrow?
Coz i remembered just how much i liked the story ...

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Tomorrow is the last one Alcritas has made, and probably the last one he'll ever make.

However, last we heard from him, he was writing a novel based on the same plot as his scenarios. I'm not sure of its current status.

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It's not related to 'the Arc', but he did a Scenario with a twist on a murder mystery.
The name of the Scenario is, "Kallaskagathos".
It's written so there are 16 possible solutions, following the same story line. (They can be 'random', or 'choice'.)
Again, although it has nothing to do with 'the Arc', it is by the same Author, which may be of some importance to you, in that the same mind created it.
me ;)
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Of course, that scenario is not by any stretch of the imagination more recent than Tomorrow.

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