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I'm playing the Forsaken, and have got two real questions. One isn't as important, but the other is.

1) WHO is the murderer in that town near the beginning, and how do you Confront them?

2) Is there a way into the waterfall maintenance place in the west part of that HUGE city (gosh how I hate that city)? Magic map says it's barren, but magic map didn't help in the Spine one bit, so...


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To be honest, I haven't played this scenario but your first question: "...who's the Murderer..." is a stupid question. I might as well tell you what happens at the end of the game along with the entire plot. It's the same thing.

(btw, sorry if it sounded like I was offending you)

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Um, he needs to know who the murderer is if he's going to confront him and progress in the scenario. So actually, your answer is stupid, not the question.

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