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I have a question about stealing things. I want to make a small room with things you can steal, however, there is nobody in the room, so you can steal it without the town getting mad at you. How do I do this? I thought about putting in invisible monster in the walls, but it won't stay there, it just wanders off. And I don't have anough room in the room to put a monster and put barriers around it. How do I fix this problem? Without setting a trap?

Can anyone give information about stealing in general?

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Try putting a window in with a couple of guards outside.

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When you edit the invisible monster you should be able to check a box that keeps it from wandering.

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Or even better, put it in a place where it can't escape- that is, where it is surrounded on all sides by terrains it cannot move into.
(This works well for areas with tables/chests against a wall, as well as something past the wall it sits in.)

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