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Shock Trooper
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I downloaded this scenario from Alexandria, and the walkthrough was in rich text format. Does anyone know how to convert it or fix it so I can read it?

Wham Bam Shizam
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Nitefall. How cute.

RTFs can be read by most any version of MS Word.

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Go here for a walkthrough that you can read.

BoE Walkthroughs

Forever Always on Past the End

TrueSite for Blades - Blades Walkthroughs
Pixle Profusion - BoE Graphics Archive
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Eh, I can always open RTFs on WordPad. I don't know why you need MS Word. ;)

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Shock Trooper
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I don't have Microsoft Word, so that doesn't help much. But thanks Gizmo, that helps a lot. Now I don't have to make posts asking stupid questions anymore :)

Wham Bam Shizam
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If you're on a Mac and have Clarisworks/Appleworks, you can open RTFs in that. If you're on Windows, I'd seriously wonder why you don't have Word. You can open it in a normal text editor, but it'll probably look a little ugly.

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