This has been eating at me forever... (DMII)

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AuthorTopic: This has been eating at me forever... (DMII)
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How the hell do I get away from the dragons at the start?

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Run. Or don't agree to go at all. (I think.)

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If you run, you have to cast Armageddon at the exit of the cave to prevent the dragons from chasing you down. If you refuse to be sacrificed, you have to flee the castle and then find your way out of a cave you get dumped into. Either way, the scenario continues in pretty much the same way afterwards.
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I never tried to play DM2 because poor programming meant the special spells continued AND all the dragons still existed even if you killed all of them in your first encounter with them.


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That wasn't so much poor programming as you being a cheater and killing the dragons who wheren't supposed to die.

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