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AuthorTopic: Two Questions: Possible bug...
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Okay, so I'm playing N:R properly for the first time, and I've noticed two things.

Firstly, if I'm hit for an amount of damage that'll take me to below zero health, I die. I've checked the docs, and it says I should be placed on zero health. This is sorta annoying, since the I can't use the "put-my-biggest-man-in-the-way-of-the-nasty-fomarian" tactic. I'm wasting shed-loads of SP on healing too. Is this a deliberate thing, or is Nethergate broke??

Secondly, and this is just a question - I don't want to know where they are - but the Sylak key's aren't in the same places as the original, right?

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The docs are wrong about health, and I believe the keys are all where they were before.

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