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AuthorTopic: Selkiehome Pelt Problem
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So, there I am, under Hagfen looking for the pelts. I make my way to the room with the push blocks, and make my way past. Find the room with the braziers and open up the door to the south with the portal. I step through that into a room with four boxes.

The problem is that I can't open any of those boxes and from what I've read the skins are supposed to be in one of those boxes. I am standing right next to them and looking at them but nothing happens aside from the message stating that I am looking at a box. I have tried from all angles and still nothing.

Am I supposed to do something else to open the boxes or are they a red herring and the real box with the skins is somewhere else?

Thanks for your help!
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You seem to be in the right place... the boxes you mention are on a higher plateau with three boxes below, right? As far as I remember, the pelts were in the SE box, and they were found simply by looking at the box.

Are you sure you have the quest, or that you haven't picked the pelts up earlier? If it's neither of those, then I'm all out of ideas.
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The message prompt you get from the box is NOT, "Oh look! You found the Selkie pelts! Pick them up!" Instead it says something like, (and I can't remember the exact text) "You see some bloody, nasty looking furs, do you want to pick them up?" Yeah. Those are the Selkie pelts. Perhaps you went through a bit of the same confusion I had since I had already been able to access this room without going through the portal. I dunno if this was a bug or not. I'm thinking it was.


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The literal wording from t18Under Hagf.txt is:
"This box contains a bundle of about a dozen mangy, smelly, poorly cured pelts. You doubt you could get more than a few coppers for them in any decent market. The fur itself is short, brown, soft, and occasionally matted with blood."
(This file is found in the Shared Data folder.)
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Thanks for all of your great help as the solution was that I already did have the pelts without realizing it. I don't know where I got them. That was the first time I went through that portal and if they are only found in one of those boxes then how else could I have gotten the pelts? Perhaps I made it up there somehow but I honestly can't recall.

Thanks again! :)
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