Exp Glitch?

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AuthorTopic: Exp Glitch?
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Okay so I cheat, I gave all my characters 10k exp when I started, but they didn't gain any level for lke an hour, I've been using The poison spell and they all die right after I cast it, no exp. Then I used melee and everyone gained a level. Then I tried firebolt and one died, no exp. There something messed with the spells, or is the crack getting to me?(not really)

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The way I've understood it, the experience your group gains is adjusted based on your level and the level of your opponent, i.e. if you kill a bunch of low level goblins with a lvl 10 party, you're not supposed to gain any xp.

If you're killing the same type of enemy, and are gaining xp with melee weapons but not with spells, then I'd assume there's something wrong. Email Jeff about it, or post in the 'Resurrection for Windows notes' thread maybe?
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When a monster dies to a summoned creature or through poison damage where it dies without you hitting it, then you don't gain experience. Also summoned creatures don't give experience when they die.

At level 10 you should still be getting a point of XP per goblin.
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Are you sure everyone didn't gain a lot of levels when you killed something with melee? That would explain why you're not getting more levels for more puny enemies.

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I guess I didn't clarify, sorry. I just started the game, and gave all my characters 5000 xp. The first fight I got into was in the stone circle to the south, I can spells first cause my druids were faster, I didn't gain any levels off my spells, then I hit with a melee, and everyone gained a level, and then again. It could be that you don't gain exp with poison, but I also used the fire spell too...

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