N:R Windows download?

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AuthorTopic: N:R Windows download?
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I, like many others, was overjoyed to see Jeff's post about the release of Nethergate: Reserection for Windows, yet was surprised to see I could not download it, even by using the link in his post. While taking into account that I was not blessed with perfect vision (I wear reading glasses), I must admit that this problem may not be due to my slight flaw.

I keep getting a screen allowing me to download the Mac version, but it states that the Windows version is still to come. I managed to get the patch, now I just need the game :D . I admit that this post might be better left in technical, but I noted that it isn't visited often, so I'm taking my chances here.

Any light shed on my dire situation would be dearly appreciated.

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Go here and the Windows download sites are just to the right of the Macintosh ones.

Dikiyoba downloaded it just this morning and checked it again just now, so it should be working.
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