I am in love (again)

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AuthorTopic: I am in love (again)
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I just played the Demo. And fell in love with it at once.

Silly as it sounds - the interface.

The "move turnbased with the cursor". The "big overland, zooming into town/dungeons" map. Everything that makes this game "oldschool".

One of my biggest gripes with the newer parts of the Avernum series was that they lost the "vastness" of the distance between cities or other locations - everything seemed cramped (which was a sideffect of keeping everything on one map-scale, you can't have the player run through several dozend "city diameters" on the city-level scale)

But Nethergate got the vastness back. A large map, whith long distances between towns (and other locations) - which at the same time can be crossed quickly.

I'm in love again.
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