Killing Gwyar (or whatever the lead crone in hagfen is named)

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AuthorTopic: Killing Gwyar (or whatever the lead crone in hagfen is named)
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Since I am playing Celts and I already did the Selkie pelts, I decided to go back with Key V to open some boxes and kill the witches. Gwyar dropped yet another undiscovered Archdruid's Robe! I want to keep it, but I need to know if killing the people in Hagfen marks you as a murderer because I still want full access to everything and no hostilites. Keep in mind that I haven't even done Goagh-Nar yet because I wanted all the Sylak keys first.

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The Celts can do two quests for the Hagfen witches. They are killing rhe Selkie king and retrieving a skull from the bottommost level of the Goblin Pits. Each gives you a key for under Hagfen. The next version of Nethergate: Resurrection will finally identify the "?" that Gwyar drops with the Archdruid Robe.

Killing Gwyar marks you only as a criminal and not a murderer so there are no consequences outside of making Hagfen hostile.
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