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AuthorTopic: Cheating script for N:R
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This is an Unofficial, Unsupported editor created to allow those of you out there who don't want to spend days slogging around in goblin infested dungeons to become like gods without the work.

so, enjoy

P.S. use at your own risk

P.P.S. using this i was able to kill Reptrakos without using any potions or spells.

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Perhaps this is a silly question, but what does your cheat script do that the built-in character editor can't?

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As far as I can tell. It does nothing that can't be done in the editor, but it does make it a little simpler. One click for maximum stats, for example.
What I'm hoping someone can do is make a script that trains the Romans in the spirit circle, but my guess is that will never happen.

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The only thing the cheat script does that the character editor can't is upgrade your 5th character, that and it's way quicker.

I tried to get the Romans to be able to use the Spirit Circle spells, but I'm fairly sure that its a hard-coded into the game that they can't.

P.S. the server that this file is hosted on is temporarily down, hang on it'll be back up soon (I hope)

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