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AuthorTopic: Nethergate
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I just took a look at this game tonight.

Having played lots of RPG games for over 20 years, mainly old school games, and lots of rogue-like games, I.E Rogue Angband, Zangband, Adom, Nethack etc I quite like it, I love the Music, the quirky Pencil art whilst not the best has a very good style and works well. The game looks Very detailed which I like, but the overhead Isometric view is rather weak. Both graphically and functionality, but I am old school like I say I can live with this,

I know I am prob asking the converted here but is it worth registering ? my initial feeling says so. Is the hint book worth getting ? I normally like to try and find stuff out myself,

Oh well back to roll another party after my first was set upon by some Hungry wolves.

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Nethergate is one of the favorites of the community here. It's probably the Spidweb game I've replayed the most. I'd definitely recommend playing through a good chunk of the demo, and if you like it, buy it.

And if you like it, be sure to check out the Avernum series (particularly the first three), which use a similar engine.

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Don't forget Blades of Avernum!

Scenarios need reviews! Please rate these scenarios at the CSR after playing them!
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You're definitely asking the right crowd if you want unequivocal recommendations. But consider Nethergate unequivocally recommended! It's a fantastic game, or even 1.5 fantastic games!

—Alorael, who think you can do just fine without the hintbook. Most of what you need is online. Then again, it's nice to have it in a book in front of you, and it's not really expensive.
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