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AuthorTopic: Roman Party - All Druid
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Originally written by earanhart:

The all-druid Roman party is a painful challenge.

The all druid Roman party has less spell energy and selection than the Celtic party, but it isn't that much harder than a regular Roman party. Since they get to use armor and now have multi-target attacks they actually get better as you go through the game. Once you can buy energy draughts and elixirs it makes them easier.
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Be that as it may, that still sounds like an incredibly painful way to play the game.

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Halfway through the game at it's easier than I thought it would be to play on the hardest level. It was slow at the start building up spell energy, but now with my original four and the druid hire having all the war circle spells it's easy. In usually one to two rounds I can kill everything without taking damage.

The Lands of Annwn may be a challenge since I have to bring in enough energy draughts and other potions to have enough spell energy. No multiple target spirit circle spells like soul lances to take out hordes of undead. It will be just lances of fire and the occasional heroes of old spells.

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Finished the game. Way too easy at the end and I was too conservative on using energy draughts. I went into the Spire with 200 and still had almost half when I reached the Nethergate. You don't even need Hero of Old until the Land of Annwn and especially in the Spire so you can avoid healing.

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Well, I admit that I'm surprised.

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