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I keep getting blown to bits by traps in the goblin fort and I suspect it's because my Tool Use isn't high enough. I know the Tool Use stat exists (instant help and tip boxes refer to it), but I can't find it listed anywhere when I bring up character info.

Any ideas?

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I suspect you're playing as the Celts. Tool Use is not available to them at that time. Instead, increase resistance to physical damage. Luck should also be a godsend.

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The base value for Tool Use without training is (INT + DEX) / 4, and I think this formula holds true even if you don't have the skill. Increasing a fighter's dexterity or a druid's intelligence will therefore help you deal with traps.

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So.. Tool Use for Celts must be one of the "???".

Interesting.. thanks. Will work in the meantime beefing up those other attributes.


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