Letter as Romans

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AuthorTopic: Letter as Romans
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When playing the Romans, I've snuck into Vibius' office and read a letter saying that if needed to they could kill my party if we're not basically up to scratch. Then i get a pop up saying it would be best if I didn't mention this to anyone.

Can you actually do anything with this letter? It might be nice to blackmail some higher ranking officer! :D

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Nope. As far as I know, it's just there for flavour.

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How do you blackmail someone with a letter giving others permission to kill you?

—Alorael, who can see an easy way out of the blacmail, and not one that you'd want for your party. Hence the "don't mention the letter" message.
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Originally written by Subaqueation:

:eek: :eek: :eek:


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I couldn't resist... :P

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